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Dave Wells have worked in sexology, health, education, training, and community services for over 20 years and hold a Masters of Sexology (Sexual Therapy), as well as a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Human Services.

He abides by the World Association of Sexology (WAS) Declaration of Sexual Rights and the Ottawa Charter of Health Promotion, as well as Australian legislation, such as, Social Justice (, Ethics, Access and Equity ( and Anti-discrimination:

Sexual Therapy (Sexology) offers a range of support for sexual and relationship difficulties; barriers to a person’s social development; as well as education and training. Many have questions about sexual matters, or are experiencing difficulties that negatively impact on their sexual and human development – and yet not many have someone with who they discuss them. A Clinical Sexologist is trained to specialise and provide confidential and respectful support to clients with the aim of addressing sexual, relationship, and developmental concerns so that people can reach their full potential.  Complimenting his qualifications,

Dave Wells has developed a broad range of knowledge from over 20 years’ experience of working in the field of Sexology, Health, Community Services and Education. Dave Wells Sexual Therapy and Psychotherapy/Counselling, offers an extensive range of services in the areas of Sexology, Counselling, Education, Community Services, Youth Development, Facilitation and Training.

The history behind Dave Wells Therapies

Dave Wells has worked successfully at a grass-roots level with a great diversity of people and communities.  The knowledge and empathy gained from his experiences, have set the foundation for supporting people from a client-centered approach with a holistic view of their presenting needs.

The combination of academic achievement and a grass-roots understanding has rewarded Dave Wells with the ability to create comfort, openness, relatability and, most of all, safety for the people whom he supports.

We all need someone who is confidential, non-judgmental, empathic, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, to discuss any areas of our lives that hold us back from reaching our full potential.  Dave Wells can be this person for you.