I had always struggled with self motivation and drive, it was very easy to think it was “just the way I was”, however when I started working with Dave as my councillor, he introduced key strategies that helped me identify key things that had happened in my life that led me where I was. Over the course of 8-12 months we worked together using these strategies. Over time this enabled me to be confident, motivated, and overall have a much clearer and positive outlook on life. I started out as a high school drop out who believed I would be a trolley boy, now I have completed Years 11 and 12, both in one year, and am now a university graduate, and I have achieved the best job I could have ever wanted. A large reason for my current position in life is David. He helped me in ways that I didn’t think were possible.
I recently went through one of the toughest times of my life & Dave was there – always there helping & guiding me through – mentally & physically. With Dave’s help, mentoring & counselling, I feel I’m becoming more confident in my own skin & in my head. Dave is so nurturing, strong & never judges me. He is the first ‘professional’ I’ve been able to be ‘myself’ with. He never judges me & I can say whatever I am feeling & thinking & I always feel so supported & understood -I can trust him – he is a ‘real’ person. He has an amazing intuitive ability to help me get to the root of my issues – his holistic approach is just amazing. He has many ways to help me get through the toughest times. At times throughout my life, I have felt so overwhelmed & unable to cope, & a chat with Dave changes everything. He also teaches me skills to cope with life. Without Dave, I would not be where I am today – he saved me!! (He has also saved my son). I can not thank Dave enough & words can not express how thankful & blessed I am to have him in my life & in my sons lives too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dave.
Dannielle Green