Service Philosophy

Dave Wells has worked with many diverse people representing many different demographics of our society and he prides himself on his ability to build a strong rapport built on trust and respect, regardless of people’s differences.

The following are the Philosophy’s that Dave Wells ensures his clients:


All services provided by Dave Wells respects and adheres to Australian legislation concerning client privacy.

For all referrals made, or discussion about clients with external sources, prior signed consent must be provided by clients.

Mandatory reporting requirements assert that client confidentially may be breached when clients or other individuals are believed to be at risk of harm or danger or if harm has taken place.


Harm-minimisation is a term used for a ‘best practice approach’ (World health –Ottawa Charter 1986). In simple terms, it means working with people within their environment of comfort, and rather than changing what they do, educating them to do it safely, as well as protecting their health and providing opportunities.

Human Rights

People have the right to be included and treated equally regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, culture, spirituality, background, or disability.

Human Rights legislation exists to protect individuals. In the realm of counselling, legislation includes but is not limited to: Access and Equity, Code of Conduct, and Ethical Practice.

Therapist and Client Relationship

Developing a comfortable, safe, trusting, and mutually respectful relationship between client and Therapist is paramount to the progress of the client.

As everyone is unique, there will be times when others do not complement our ways of thinking or acting. If this disparity exists in the therapy relationship, sessions will not be beneficial for either client or therapist. This might mean that the client has to seek another Therapist and necessarily re-tell their painful experience. Although perhaps difficult, this is crucial to ensuring that clients receive the greatest benefit from their therapy sessions.

I therefore offer a discounted fee for the initial session to make it easier for clients to determine if I am the right person to support them.


The personal comfort of clients is also paramount to the success of the therapeutic relationship and progress of the client. Therefore, the meeting places and environments of sessions are negotiable, within ethical bounds. Sessions can also be held at consultation rooms around Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Northern NSW areas.


One of the hardest decisions to make is to reach out for help, and this can leave clients feeling vulnerable and uncertain. However, the huge step of accessing support is acknowledged by the therapist, who will work sensitively with the client to help you help yourself. Where a client is unwilling to help themselves, the therapeutic process will not be beneficial.

While therapy sessions allow for a person to express and share their emotions, which can often run high, any client behaviour that is deemed to be detrimental to the helping process will be addressed in the best interests of all involved. Aggressive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Models of Counselling and Psychotherapy

I am experienced and knowledgeable in several counselling and psychotherapy, methods, approaches, and techniques used within a therapeutic environment. I work closely with each client to determine the approach most suitable to them personally, and to their presenting need. (See also, Psychotherapy and Counselling page.)