Shared Sexology Topics

This section of the web site covers the other areas of sexual health conditions that can affect all people regardless of gender or sexual orientation. These are legitimate sexual health conditions and sexual diversities that can have a huge negative impact on our well-being and physical health.

Most the conditions or sexual diversities that fall into this category usually begin very minimal and tend to fit into our daily lives.  Over-time, we realise that we really have no control of them when they intensify to control our thoughts, behaviours. and actions.

Many will attempt to implement strategies to lessen the impact of these conditions on the lives, however if the foundation of the cause is not discovered and worked through, any strategies put into place will provide short lived relief.

Dave Wells provides the safety and respect necessary for you to speak openly about how your sexual desires and difficulties negatively impact on your life and support you to overcome any associated problems and to gain control back.